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RiteFlo is an Australian family owned and operated company

About Walter Maryska

Walter is a retired builder/consultant with over 54 years of industry experience now specialising in ventilation.

He has designed the extensive range of non powered ventilators for domestic home use to help solve dampness, mould, and poor air circulation in your home.

Take advantage of Walter's extensive knowledge to assist you with your ventilation concerns.

  • Sub floor ventilation experts
  • Dedicated to resolving poor ventilation issues
  • We'll help you plan for the BEST result

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"RiteFlo have introduced a cost saving, efficient alternative to expensive ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and any room or sub-floor area that needs ventilation. Prior, anti-mould solutions have been used to combat the problem, together with electric, electric-solar and static wall vents. In my experience, these are all methods that have achieved limited degrees of success. Where the problem lies, is that the complete solution has not been addressed such as rectifying seepage & ponding issues, and opening walls for cross-ventilation under the floor area; all issues which should be performed in conjunction with any form of ventilation solution. Addressing the source of the problem is fundamental to providing the right solution. RiteFlo has the experience and the knowledge to give you the confidence to help you achieve a long lasting solution to your ventilation problems."

Walter Maryska
Owner and Managing Director