Room Ventilation

Lack of good ventilation can cause a build up of moisture and stale air inside your home, leading to mould, mildew, and odours. RiteFlo’s range of in-room ventilation products offer almost continuous air movement 24 hours a day, and best of all there’s no electricity required!

Installed internal view with closing optional device

Installed internal view within a basement showing weather guard and grill protector

Internal View

  • 8 standard colour options
  • Custom colours available, inside and out
  • Optional closing device
  • Ideal for single or double walls
  • Compatible with besser block and sandstone
  • Come in 160mm and 240mm sizes
  • Designed to work brick courses

Internal view with optional colour and closing device

Internal view with optional closing device

External view with grill mesh cover plate

External view with optional louvre cover plate

External view with grill mesh cover plate, coloured to match brick work