Self-powered sustainable ventilation for your home or office


RiteFlo self-powered fans are a unique Aussie invention designed remove mildew and damp without any power. We have over 54 years of industry experience as builders and consultants specialising in damp issues, water ingress, remediation, and of course, ventilation.

Mould can be a real problem in tropical and sub-tropical climbs and most Aussie cities fit that description during the year. With that in mind, we have designed an extensive range of non-powered ventilators for domestic home use to help solve dampness, mould, and poor air circulation in your home.

Avoid costly and cumbersome dehumidifier solutions by creating better air flow with RiteFlo. Contact our helpful team to learn more and buy your ventilation fan or damp rod directly at our shop.

RiteFlo ventilation fans…

  • Require no electricity or sunlight to operate
  • Help reduce green house emissions
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Operate silently
  • Have no running costs

Complete ventilation and damp solutions


RiteFlo ventilators are unique as they are the ONLY fans in the world with blades that rotate in both directions.

Due to natural differences in internal and external air pressure and wind, our ventilation products expel stale air and introduce fresh air and natural light.

This can offer almost continuous air movement of the desired space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the past ventilation products were usually terracotta vents, wire mesh vents, electric and/or solar fans.

Call us today to discuss whether a RiteFlo ventilation solution is right for you.

RiteFlo self-propelled fans and damp rods fight mould and mildew.
No electricity needed!


Browse our selection of our Aussie-built ventilation fans and damp rods.

RiteFlo ventilation fans can be installed by qualified tradies – with minimal fuss!

Ventilation Fans


We had a damp problem in our unit and Riteflo's damp rods solved our issue. A great find from great business!

Ventilation Fans


We had a damp problem in our unit and Riteflo's damp rods solved our issue. A great find from great business!

Door ventilation fans that work on air


Bad odours, the tell-tale dark mould spots under carpets or in ceiling cornices are a clear signal your storeroom or storage shed has been compromised with mould spores and is in dire need of improved air flow. That’s where RiteFlo’s continual free flowing, self-propelled ventilation fans can make a big difference.

The hardest part of putting a ventilation fan on a door is to place the hole in the door to fit in the fan. This should not be beyond a qualified trades person or an experienced DIY enthusiast with the right tools on hand. If you’re in the Sydney metro area, RiteFlo can help you directly. We can help you install the fans or guide you through the process.