Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Installed in pairs, this heat recovery ventilation system keeps your home at your chosen temperature whilst filtering the air you breathe.

  • Suitable for living spaces of up to ~100 square metres.
  • Up to 92% heat recovery.
  • Easy Installation for new & existing buildings.
  • Prevents mould growth with improved air ventilation.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Easy HEPA filter replacement.

NOTE: Installed in pairs. 8 units in total can be connected together.

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Decentralised ventilation systems are installed in pairs and provide effective ventilation, especially for renovation projects.

They ensure filtered hygienic air exchange and eliminate excess moisture with various program settings.

Features & Benefits Adjustable to wall thickness

  1. Straightforward and fast installation in circular or square wall outlet
  2. Rapid filter change and visual inspection of the heat exchanger without tools
  3. Quiet operation Up to 8 fans can be combined with a single control unit
  4. Prevents growth of mould with improved air ventilation

Check out our Heat Recovery & Air Filtration for Aussie Homes video or this video to learn more about this amazing system.




We had a damp problem in our unit and Riteflo's damp rods solved our issue. A great find from great business!



We had a damp problem in our unit and Riteflo's damp rods solved our issue. A great find from great business!

Enjoy Healthy Air Fully… Automatically!


Experience the benefits of effortlessly maintaining healthy indoor air quality.

Our fully automatic ventilation system intelligently considers the current humidity levels in your home and adjusts the fresh air supply accordingly.

Additionally, our units feature efficient heat recovery technology, achieving up to 94% heat retention, which means, they clean the air coming in from the outside while keeping your indoor temperature at a level you’re comfortable with.

Keep Pollen Out Whilst Keeping your Indoor Temperature Consistent


Furthermore, special filters are incorporated to keep pollen and dust outside, providing a breath of relief for individuals with allergies.

The filters are easy to change. The internal filter can be changed once a year quite easily by accessing the vent from inside, whilst the external carbon filters can be cleaned with water sporadically and only need to be swapped out every 5 years.

Our Heat Recovery Systems Filter Air &
Keep Your Indoor Temperature Consistent.

Subfloor Ventilation FAQ

Q: Can the Heat Recovery System be installed in apartments?

Yes, this is ideal ventilation system for apartments as it can be installed by retrofit/renovation in existing buildings.

Q: Will it prevent mould?

Installing a heat recovery ventilation system can prevent the build up of condensation and mould. 

In Australian homes, optimum humidity lies between 40% and 50%. In heated rooms this should not sink below 30% or rise above 60% and RiteFlo’s Heat Recovery System can help you achieve optimal levels of humanity to keep mould at bay.

Q: What happens if I already have mould in my home?

If mould is already in your home and if you live in the Sydney Metro region, you might want to give our friends at DryTech Restoration a call. DryTech Restoration are the mould cleaning experts